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The mission of Life Science! is to improve the environment and wildlife by delivering to clients the highest quality of environmental services in the areas of wildlife habitat protection, restoration of degraded ecosystems, and better management of natural resources.

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We are so sorry to announce that Angie Wilson has decided to focus on her art career and she will be leaving LifeScience! as of February 1. We are going to be miss her. Please pass on the attached job description. With training, the job can grow into a managerial position. 


Bair Island
The final design for the Bair Island Restoration Project is completed, and the actual work is well underway. Bair Island is actually 2,600 acres of marsh; it’s part of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Redwood City, California. On Inner Bair Island, the restoration project requires that 1.5 million cubic yards of clean fill to be imported. Construction began July, 2007.

This complex plan represents an effective private-public partnership. The Port of Redwood City has found an environmentally sound way to place its dredgings, and the Army Corps of Engineers has been praised for treating dredged materials as a valuable commodity instead of environmental waste. And the environment and the Fish and Wildlife Service—the agency charged with protecting Bair Island—are also benefitting from the restoration project. The California Wildlife Foundation is providing contract oversite and managment for the project.

The project is unusual in that it’s being completed at no cost to taxpayers. The plan was initially budgeted to cost eight to nine million dollars. Instead, Life Science! and the Foundation negotiated with a private company to pay to place clean fill at the site. As a result, the creative approach has reduced the cost to government agencies from eight to nine million dollars to zero.

The Bair Island Restoration Project, scheduled for completion in 2013, will be used as a model for other environmental programs.

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