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Bair Island Restoration
Life Science! has been working on restoration projects on Bair Island since 2000.

Life Science! is currently the project manager and construction monitor for implementation of the restoration of Inner Bair Island. This project will restore 258 acres of habitat. This complex project involves the import of 1.5 million cubic yards of fill onto the island.

Life Science! was the project manager for the final design of the restoration of Inner, Middle and Outer Bair Islands. This project will lead to the restoration and enhancement of 1,400 acres of degraded marsh habitat.

Life Science! was the project manager for the Outer Bair Island Restoration Project, including design, permitting, and construction of the 38 acres of wetland creation and 146 acres enhancement of degraded marsh habitat. Read more ...

Bair Island
Bair Island

Baumberg Complex/Eden Landing Restoration
Life Science! has been working on various restoration projects for the California Department of Fish and Game at Baumberg since 2001. Projects have included the completion of the EIR and permits for Eden Landing Restoration, and the design, environmental permits, construction, and monitoring for the Perry Gun Club Restoration Project. In addition, Life Science! is involved in the Baumberg Complex final design and construction of the South Bay Salt Pond ISP structures. Read more ...

Bair Island
Baumberg Complex Project

South Bay Salt Ponds Initial Stewardship Project
Life Science! produced the Management Plan, the Environmental Impact Report/Statement, and obtained the permits for this 14,000-acre salt pond restoration project. Read more ...

Bair Island
South Bay Salt Ponds


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