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Shoreline Engineering & Restoration (SER) was established for the purpose of providing technical assistance with wetland and riparian restoration projects to government agencies and private property owners. Many habitat restoration projects require engineering assistance, but few engineers understand the biological objectives of habitat restoration. SER’s mission is to bring the benefits of engineering to each project while always keeping focus on the biological goals.

As part of its design, planning, and construction management efforts, SER performs topographic surveys using the latest available technology (Trimble 5800/5700 RTK GPS with +/- 2 cm vertical and horizontal accuracies), thus allowing precise yet inexpensive surveys and construction staking of large and remotely located areas.

The SER team has provided professional services for more than 50 different habitat restoration projects throughout the western United States and Hawaii, and is currently working on several wetland restoration projects in Nevada, Arizona, and California.

As Principal of SER, Cort Abney has provided professional services for many projects in the Great Basin and southwest regions. He has designed and managed several restoration projects, including habitat enhancement, riparian restoration, master planning, and water conveyance systems for several USFWS refuges. Mr. Abney has also worked closely with the Nevada Division of Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, California Fish & Game, Utah Division of Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service, Ducks Unlimited, Arizona Department of Game & Fish, Colorado River Indian Tribes, and many private property owners in efforts to restore wildlife habitat in a variety of climates.

Mr. Abney’s strengths include an understanding of engineering and biological principles necessary to create productive and sustainable habitat projects, extensive experience of successful restoration projects in various climates, water quality and water resources background, and a history of effective project management skills. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in civil and environmental engineering.


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