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Lisa Stallings, Ph.D
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  • Ph.D. - Soil Science, University of California, Davis, March 1991
  • Dissertation Title: The Effect of Acid Inputs to a Vineyard Soil’s Physical and Chemical Properties
  • M.S. - Soil Science, University of California, Davis, 1986
  • B.S. - Plant Science, Viticulture Option, University of California, Davis, 1984.
  • Certified Professional Agronomist & Soil Scientist (ARCPACS #3524)
  • Soil Scientist and Plant Ecologist

Dr. Stallings has over 17 years of professional experience in preparing environmental permits and biological resource surveys. She specializes in project management, soil surveys, wetland delineations, and restoration plans. She is a certified community mediator, is highly skilled at meeting facilitation and consensus building, and frequently serves as a liaison with federal regulatory personnel. Dr. Stallings has taught classes in Soil Science, Wetland Delineation, Project Management, and Environmental Impact Assessment at California State University, Chico.

Dr. Stallings specializes in restoration and mitigation planning, soil mapping, management plan preparation, and environmental permit acquisition for various types of projects including wetlands delineations, native re-vegetation plans, and mining reclamation projects. Examples of her recent projects include, Project Manager for CEQA/NEPA documents, permit facilitation, and construction of the South Bay Salt Ponds Initial Stewardship Plan, Eden Landing Ecological reserve, and Outer Bair Island Wetland Creation and Enhancement Plan- project is mitigation for San Francisco International Airport’s consolidated wetland fill project, preparation of the Management Plan for South White Slough- for Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control District. She frequently serves as a liaison with federal, state, and local regulatory personnel.

Dr. Stallings oversees and coordinates all aspects of business operation, administrative and technical work and ensures that Life Science! resources are available to meet the ongoing needs of all clients and projects. Dr. Stallings supervises all aspects of the project from contract negotiation and award through review and finalization of deliverable work products. Dr. Stallings is also an experienced mediator and public speaker and will support the projects at public meetings.


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