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South Bay Salt Ponds, Baumberg Complex Project; Implementation of Management Plan
Between San Mateo Bridge and Alameda Creek Flood Control Channel, Hayward, California

California Department of Fish and Game

Dates of Service
January 2004—January 2005

Approximate Cost of Project
Value of LS! Contract: $499,905

Budget and Project Notes
By December 2004 the Baumberg project has been virtually completed under budget and on time.

Project Description
The Baumberg Complex “Initial Stewardship Plan” (ISP) for the South Bay Salt Ponds required the installation of approximately 13 water control structures for the hydraulic design and operation of the former salt pond system.

Our Team

  • Finalize the design and engineering required to construct the structures described in the ISP for the Baumberg Complex.
  • Coordinate with California Wildlife Foundation (CWF) and CDFG to develop contract award process, prepare the list of qualified bidders, prepare and advertise the bid package, and award the contract.
  • Perform Construction Management, monitoring services, and project reporting.
  • Provide additional construction support services.

In addition, LS! coordinated with Regional Water Quality Control Board and assisted CDFG with the preparation of Operations and Management Plans for each of Baumberg’s five pond systems and is in the process of preparing the first annual Self-Monitoring report.


  • Plans and Specifications
  • Construction Reports
  • Operations Plans for Individual Pond Systems
  • 2004 Self-Monitoring Report—Required by RWQCB- WDRs

Key Project Staff
Lisa Stallings, Project Director

William Kleiner, Construction Manager

Barry Parker, Biological Monitor

Primary Subcontractors

Far West Restoration, Roger Leventhal

Canvasback Consulting, Bryan Plude

Earthmax Consultants, Katherine Fung

Ferma Corporation, Joe Brozs.

Bair Island
Baumberg Complex Project


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